What To Write About In Contemporary Popular Music?


How do you describe contemporary music?

The Contemporary Music period is the period following the Modern Music period. It is generally considered to have lasted from 1945 A.D. to the present. Contemporary music is (in general) based on originality. Twentieth Century music reflects the influences of art and literature of the mechanistic atomic age.

What is contemporary popular music?

In North American music, adult contemporary music (AC) is a form of radio-played popular music, ranging from 1960s vocal and 1970s soft rock music to predominantly ballad-heavy music of the present day, with varying degrees of easy listening, pop, soul, R&B, quiet storm, and rock influence.

How can you describe a popular music?

Popular music is music with wide appeal that is typically distributed to large audiences through the music industry. These forms and styles can be enjoyed and performed by people with little or no musical training. It stands in contrast to both art music and traditional or “folk” music.

What does contemporary mean in music?

According to vibraphonist Victor Mendoza, contemporary music is, simply put, “ music performed and created with what is rhythmically, harmonically, and texturally current.” For Mendoza, a professor at Berklee’s campus in Valencia, Spain, this means that his job is to teach students to employ current musical vocabularies

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How does contemporary music affect your life?

Music affects our emotions. When we listen to sad songs, we tend to feel a decline in mood. When we listen to happy songs, we feel happier. Upbeat songs with energetic riffs and fast-paced rhythms (such as those we hear at sporting events) tend to make us excited and pumped up.

What are some contemporary songs?

Top 100 Adult Contemporary Songs Ever

  • Chariots Of FireVangelis.
  • All Night Long – Single VersionLionel Richie.
  • This Is the TimeBilly Joel.
  • Candy ManSammy Davis Jr.
  • Your Wildest DreamsThe Moody Blues.
  • You And IEddie Rabbitt, Crystal Gayle.
  • Waiting for a Star to FallBoy Meets Girl.
  • Just the Way You AreBilly Joel.

What is the difference between traditional and contemporary music?

The difference between traditional gospel and contemporary gospel are the melodic and rhythmic styles of the music. Traditional gospel is basically gospel music that carries the musical style of the past. Contemporary gospel music is a blend of the classic gospel sound with Euro classical and jazz ingredients.

How is music categorized?

Music can be divided into genres in varying ways, such as popular music and art music, or religious music and secular music. The artistic nature of music means that these classifications are often subjective and controversial, and some genres may overlap.

What are the most popular songs?

The Top 50 most iconic songs of all time

  • Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana.
  • Imagine – John Lennon.
  • One – U2.
  • Billie Jean – Michael Jackson.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen.
  • Hey Jude – The Beatles.
  • Like A Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan.
  • I Can’t Get No Satisfaction – Rolling Stones.
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What is popular music literally?

popular music literally means ” music of populace,” similar to traditional folk music of the past. As it developed in the 20th century, pop music (as it has come to be called) generally consisted of music for entertainment of large numbers of people, whether on radio or live performances.

What are examples of popular music?

Popular Music Genres

  • Blues Music.
  • Jazz Music.
  • Rhythm and Blues Music.
  • Rock and Roll Music.
  • Rock Music.
  • Country Music.
  • Soul Music.
  • Dance Music.

What is a contemporary example?

A contemporary is defined as a person living around the same time. The definition of contemporary is existing at the same time or of the present time period. An example of contemporary are the works of Fitzgerald and Hemingway. An example of contemporary is furniture in the modern style.

Why is contemporary music important?

WAVE: Why is it so important to study contemporary music? This allows us to generate new art and contribute to the global music community. Through playing new music we, artists, are able to find our own voice and play music that is meaningful to us.

Is contemporary the same as modern?

They may be synonyms when describing many things, but in design, modern vs. contemporary are quite different. Modern design refers to an era that has passed, while contemporary design is all about the now and the future. The most popular modern design era is the mid-century modern era of the 1950s and 1960s.

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