Readers ask: How To Write Program Notes For Music?


What is a Programme note in music?

The program note takes the form of a short text about a musical work, often containing historical context, composer biographical details and compositional thinking. It can, in reality, be viewed as a form of analysis of the work.

What makes a good program note?

What are program notes? A good set of program notes will do two essential things: 1) Give the audience a sense of the work’s history. Traditionally, notes include the facts of a work’s creation: the dates of composition and first performance, and where and by whom it was first performed.

How long should a program note be?

Length You should aim at ca. 2-‐4 paragraphs for each piece. Research and Analysis You must do some research and analysis before you write the program notes.

How do I list music in a program?

Include a space on each side of the ellipsis. collection, opera, or musical, and list the selections (non-italicized) below the title, indented, without quotation marks. Use “from” to indicate a portion of the work is to be performed; list the title alone to indicate the entire work is being performed.

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What are examples of program music?

Opera, ballet, and Lieder could also trivially be considered program music since they are intended to accompany vocal or stage performances. Antonín Dvořák

  • Symphony No.
  • The Water Goblin.
  • The Noon Witch.
  • A Hero’s Song.
  • Four Overtures:

How do I make a program note?

Program Note Contents

  1. Provide basic information on the creator(s) of the work or performance.
  2. Give the contextual background of the work or performance.
  3. Describe how the work or performance is related to others of the same style, tradition, movement, or genre.

What is the purpose of program notes?

Program notes serve two purposes: to provide historical and background information on the piece and, if necessary, the composer, and to give the audience some sense of what to expect, and what possibly what to listen for, when listening to the work.

How do you write a concert program?

Be sure to include a time, date, and location. Finally, give your concert a title. What Goes in a Concert Program?

  1. A title page with information about the concert setting.
  2. A list of the pieces being played, along with their composers and arrangers.
  3. A list of the members of the ensemble(s)
  4. Acknowledgments.

How do you make a concert program?

7 Tips to Design Successful Concert Programs

  1. Know Your Audience. Just as different foods suit varying age groups, settings, and times of day, programs should be tailored to specific people and occasions.
  2. Choose Music You Can Handle.
  3. Begin with Welcoming Music.
  4. Vary the Energy.
  5. Indulge and Surprise.
  6. End Strongly.
  7. Evaluate.

How do you write a dance Note Program?

The Programme note must include the following information:

  1. the choreographic intent, eg the idea(s), theme(s), mood(s), meaning(s) and/or style/style fusion(s) of the dance.
  2. the phrases that have been used for each student in the creation of the piece.
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What are the 4 types of program music?

Orchestral programme music

  • the tone poem (or symphonic poem)
  • the concert overture.
  • the programme symphony.

How do you write a song title in a program?

Typically, album titles are italicized, just like book titles, journal titles, or movie titles. Song titles are enclosed in quotation marks, as is often the case with poem titles, book chapter titles, or article titles.

How do you write songs in a wedding program?

List the name of the song or mention the name of the composer in addition to the song. According to Songs for Your Ceremony, if you list only the song, include the activity on the left, a line of periods and the name of the song on the right in quotes.

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