Readers ask: How To Write Music For The Contra Alto Clarinet?


What key is the contra-alto clarinet in?

The contra – alto clarinet is higher-pitched than the contrabass and is pitched in the key of E♭ rather than B♭.

How heavy is a contrabass clarinet?

On average the clarinet weighs 2 to 5 pounds. The weight can depend on the type, brand, and materials used to make it. Depending on if you have a Bb clarinet, the bass clarinet, the A clarinet, the Eb clarinet, the contrabass clarinet, the contra-alto clarinet, or the alto clarinet, the weights may vary.

What is the smallest clarinet?

The smallest clarinet is the Ab Piccolo Clarinet checking in at 14 inches long. It is called the Ab sopranino and is the only surviving member of the piccolo group. It’s not quite an octave higher than the Bb, but is the highest pitched clarinet produced.

Is there an alto clarinet?

The alto clarinet is part of the family of clarinets in the clarinet choir and full modern concert band. In this clarinet family the instruments alternate in the keys of Eb and Bb and include the Eb soprano, Bb soprano, Eb alto, Bb bass, Eb contra-‐ Alto, and Bb contra-‐bass clarinets.

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Is clarinet a wind instrument?

Clarinet, French clarinette, German Klarinette, single-reed woodwind instrument used orchestrally and in military and brass bands and possessing a distinguished solo repertory. It is usually made of African blackwood and has a cylindrical bore of about 0.6 inch (1.5 cm) terminating in a flared bell.

What is the range of the clarinet?

On all clarinets the written compass ranges from E3 – C7. The clarinet in Bb has a range from D3 – Bb6 (to G6 in orchestral playing). The clarinet in A has a range from C#3 – A6 (to F#6 in orchestral playing).

Is bass clarinet hard?

Bass clarinets are not hard to play, especially if you’ve already played the B-flat, or soprano, clarinet. This instrument is easier than the flute and bassoon and slightly harder than the saxophone.

How many types of clarinet are there?

There are over ten different kinds of clarinets in the Clarinet Family. Additionally, for each kind of clarinet there are a number of different variations in terms of keywork and bore.

Is clarinet a soprano?

A soprano clarinet is a clarinet that occupies a higher position, both in pitch and in popularity, than subsequent additions to the family such as the basset horn and bass clarinet. Soprano clarinet.

Classification Wind Woodwind Single-reed
Playing range
Written range:
Related instruments


How old is bass clarinet?

The man credited with pioneering the modern straight form of the bass clarinet is Adolphe Sax (1814–1894), who created a version with 22 keys and an entirely straight tube in the 1830s. He also added a reflector which was designed to conduct the vibrations from the downward-pointing bell into the auditorium.

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What is B flat clarinet?

The B – flat clarinet is an orchestral instrument going back to the time of Mozart and beyond. It is a transposing instrument, which means that the note heard is a major second below the note written on the page. The B – flat clarinet has a small key on the back, just above the thumbhole.

What is clarinet used for?

The clarinet is a woodwind instrument that is commonly used in almost every type of music from classical to chamber, to jazz. The clarinet is made up of five parts, which are the mouthpiece, the barrel, the upper joint, the lower joint, and the bell.

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