Readers ask: How To Write Indy Music?


How do I write an indie song?

Brainstorm. Take a blank piece of paper and title it with the topic of your choice, then write down as many thoughts, lines, words and ideas that come to mind. A really important aspect to brainstorming for writing an indie song is to think of metaphors. Interesting, thought provoking and obscure metaphors will do.

What is the structure of indie music?

A common technique is to create an intro with stripped-down instrumentation so that the following section—usually a verse or chorus—feels like it increases in energy when it comes in with more instrumentation. Verse: Lyrically, verses are where you tell the story. The chord structure tends to revolve around the tonic.

What key is indie music in?

If you’re writing for the kind of indie music I think you’re writing for, maybe you will start by putting together a bunch of chord progressions in the keys of C Major/A Minor, and G Major/E Minor. Google “chords in the key of c”.

What are the 3 parts of a song?

Most of today’s hit song structures are made up of of three different sections: Verse, Chorus, and Bridge.

  • CHORUS: The chorus has the same melody AND the same lyric each time we hear it.
  • VERSE: The verses all have the same melody but different lyrics.
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What is the bridge in a song?

In music, especially Western popular music, a bridge is a contrasting section that prepares for the return of the original material section.

What is a hook in a song?

The term ” hook ” likely goes back to the earliest days of songwriting because it refers to the part of the song intended to ” hook ” the listener: a catchy combination of melody, lyrics and rhythm that stays in the listener’s head — something that songwriters from the dawn of time have wanted to achieve.

Are indie guitars any good?

You’ll appreciate the high build quality from Indie, the unrestricted heel-less neck join, and the way the satin finish doesn’t get sticky, even at sweaty gigs. While we’ve played better sounding guitars for this money, few match its combination of features, playability and build quality.

Is indie a music genre?

Indie rock is a genre of rock music that originated in the United States and United Kingdom in the 1970s. Originally used to describe independent record labels, the term became associated with the music they produced and was initially used interchangeably with alternative rock or “guitar pop rock”.

What scales are used in indie rock?

Major and Minor are the most common in western music for most styles. Indie is a very general term but if it means being experimental then you can always make up your own scales using the 12 notes in the western system.

What chords are used in indie songs?

Major and minor triads are by far the most common triads you’ll find in indie music. However, you can also use less common diminished and augmented triads for a different sound. Diminished triads, made from a root, flat third, and flat fifth, give a darker, jazzier sound.

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