Readers ask: How To Write A Review And Rate A Album On Apple Music?


How do I rate an album on Apple music?

Within standard playlists you’ve already created, you can order songs by rating. To do this, click a playlist to select it and click Edit Playlist. In the playlist editing window, click Sort by Manual Order and then click Rating.

Can you rate songs on Apple music?

Apple Music supports a star rating system that allows you to personally rate a song on a scale of 1-5, which is then saved in your library so you can remember and later sort tracks via the ranking system.

How do I check my Apple Music stats?

Apple Music users can access their data, via the “Replay” feature, in a few ways. To simply access the playlist of your 100 most played songs, go to the “Listen Now” tab in the Apple Music app and scroll to the bottom of the page. Once there, you’ll see your Replay for 2020 and every year you’ve had Apple Music.

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Why is there a star next to a song on Apple music?

Answer: A: Answer: A: According to the user guide, stars appear next to the most popular tracks played by all Apple Music members.

What does star next to song?

Generally, the star will appear next to a song if it is the most popular or most played one on an album. The older version of iTunes used a star rating. Users could show how much they enjoyed a song by marking it up or down by a few stars.

Which is better Apple Music or Spotify?

Best if you have a big existing music library and want lossless audio. Apple Music has a key advantage over Spotify in that you can combine the songs you already own with the Apple Music streaming catalog. Siri users also get more robust voice controls for playback.

What does the gray star on Apple music mean?

Answer: A: Answer: A: The star just means they are ‘popular’ tracks.

What should I write in an album review?

Write your initial reactions down. Describe how the music makes you feel, whether the album flows from song to song or if it sounds like each song stands on its own. Jot down any poignant or super catchy lyrics. Use these insights later, when you’re adding detail to your review.

How do you critique an album?

6 Rules Every New Music Writer Should Follow When Writing an Album Review

  1. Listen to the album at least 5 times.
  2. This is your view!
  3. Make sure to clearly state your opinion – the earlier in the review the better.
  4. Don’t be influenced by other reviews of the album.
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How do you write an album description?

A Few Pointers

  1. Use good keywords. These are descriptive words that would make someone want to stop and listen to your music.
  2. This is not a bio. The style description is a couple sentences about this particular album.
  3. Ask your fans. If you’re still stumped, ask your fans on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

Can I see how many times I’ve played a song on Apple music?

View your playlist as Songs – View > View As > Songs. There is a Plays column. That should be where you play count shows. many times the songs in the playlist has been played.

Who do I listen to the most on Apple music?

So here’s how:

  • Go to the Apple Music web player at
  • Log in with your Apple ID credentials.
  • Below the ’20 Replay logo, click the “Get Your Replay Mix” button.
  • A playlist will appear that’s called “Replay 2020.” Click it to listen to all the tunes you’ve listened to most during the year.

Does Last FM work with Apple music?

We use last. fm music stats in Exist. Far from leaving Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and other music app users out in the cold, this actually lets us get data from many more apps all in one go. Last. fm can connect to most major music apps, scrobbling (tracking) what you listen to with just a one-time setup.

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