Readers ask: How To Write A Music Submission Email?


How do you email a song submission?

Be direct, clear and succinct, but respectful. Also, even for brands you have a relationship with, still say hello and introduce your new music, minus your personal introduction. It is polite and builds a professional or friendly rapor. Add a link and photo: Always send your email with a link.

How do I submit my music?

Below is a step-by-step process you can use.

  1. Find Blogs.
  2. Make a List.
  3. Write an Email Template.
  4. SubmitHub.
  5. Work with a Public Relations Professional.
  6. Make Sure Your Music Is Actually Ready.
  7. Submit Music Before It’s Released (or Within a Month After)
  8. Follow the Submission Guidelines.

What do you write in a demo submission?

This has been stated by labels that actually look at the demo submission emails. They want your name, a short bio, the name of the song, a way to listen to the song, and your email. They don’t need your age or phone number. Remember to personalize the email.

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How do you write a music pitch email?

How To Write The Perfect Email Pitch

  1. Don’t send a mass email.
  2. Don’t be vague.
  3. Don’t pitch via social media.
  4. Do make it personal.
  5. Do include all your social media, website, and music links.
  6. Do read the blog’s submission guidelines.
  7. Do include what artists you sound like.
  8. Do keep it short and to the point.

Can you email record labels?

You can find good, accurate music industry contact info with record label email addresses for pretty much every label you can think of via the A&R Registry. Yes, it takes a lot of time to email people individually. But it’s really bad form to spam submissions to record labels.

How do you email a label?

Label a message you’re writing

  1. On your computer, go to Gmail.
  2. Click Compose.
  3. In the bottom right, click More.
  4. Click Label, then select labels you want to add.
  5. Click Apply.

Where can I post my music to get noticed?

10 Best Places to Promote Your Music Online

  • Create your own Music Website with Wix Music.
  • Promote your Shows on Bandsintown & Songkick.
  • Get your own YouTube Channel.
  • Host your Music on Apple Music / iTunes.
  • Add your Music to
  • Familiarize yourself with Reddit Music.
  • Upload your music to Spotify.

Where can I submit my music for free?

10 Sites to Submit Your Music to Spotify Playlists for Free

  • Indiemono. Indiemono is one of the largest independent playlist communities.
  • Soundplate. Soundplate has a selection of playlists curated by their team.
  • Simon Field.
  • MySphera.
  • Daily Playlists.

How do I send my demo to record labels?

How to Submit Your Demo to a Label

  1. Do: Research the labels you want to work with.
  2. Don’t: Email every label under the sun.
  3. Do: Talk about yourself and your goals.
  4. Don’t: Talk about who you sound like.
  5. Do: Be up front about what stage your music is in.
  6. Don’t: Give up.
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What is the biggest record label in hip hop?

Def Jam. Def Jam records is a record label mainly known for its hip hop, pop, and urban music. It is a branch of the Universal Music Group and is based out of Manhattan, New York.

How many songs should a demo have?

Also, remember that a demo should be short. It should contain your best songs; three or four is ideal. Demos offer a taste of your music, not your whole catalog. What’s more, when a label receives a demo with studio-recorded songs, it may indicate the artist is naive about the way the music industry works.

How do I write a blog about my music?

5 Strategies to Get Your Music Featured on Blogs

  1. Research content creators. If you want your music featured on Stereogum or Pitchfork, research the writers who cover your genre of music.
  2. Send exclusives.
  3. Don’t mention competitors.
  4. Have a clear call-to-action.
  5. Be brief, creative, and professional.

How do I reach a music blogger?

How to get music bloggers to reply to your email

  1. The typical music blogger gets 348 emails per day.
  2. Start Local.
  3. Find Your People.
  4. Keep It Short and Direct.
  5. Tell your story.
  6. Promote yourself to top of inbox.
  7. Give thanks the blogger way.

How do you write a pitch for a music blog?

How to pitch your music to blogs. In 15 steps

  1. 1: Finding the right blogs.
  2. 2: Finding how the blog wish to be contacted.
  3. 3: Pick Your time.
  4. 4: Name in email address.
  5. 5: Subject line.
  6. 6: Opening line.
  7. 7: Introduce yourself.
  8. 8: Let them know what you are hoping to get from them.

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