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Is DCI only brass?

So what are the specific differences? First, drum corps use only brass instrumentation – no woodwinds like saxophones, clarinets and flutes. Second, most marching bands (in the United States) are affiliated with schools and are usually inclusive – everyone who wants to participate is accommodated.

What is the purpose of DCI?

Drum Corps International ( DCI ) is a governing body for junior drum and bugle corps based in Indianapolis, Indiana. DCI is responsible for developing and enforcing rules of competition, and for providing standardized adjudication, at sanctioned competitions throughout the United States and Canada.

What instruments are used in DCI?

13 in the Front Ensemble using the following instruments: YXRD-500F Xylophone. 9000 Series Concert Bass Drum. 8000 Series and 9000 Series Concert Toms. 6300 Series Timpani.

Is MuseScore Drumline free?

MuseScore Drumline is a FREE extension for MuseScore 3, designed to meet the unique demands and workflows of marching music directors, composers, arrangers, and students.

Can woodwinds be in DCI?

Summary: This proposal would allow the use of any instrument, including woodwinds, effective for the 2021 season.

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Why are there no trombones in DCI?

It’s not as big of an issue as you’d think – non-unison trombone parts (in DCI ) are largely static so you don’t notice the different movements. Also most trombones used have triggers which can allow you to manipulate the slide positions too. Beethoven described the trombone as “The Voice Of God”!

How long can a DCI show be?

Competitive summer marching bands participate in summer touring circuits, such as Drum Corps International ( DCI ) and Drum Corps Associates (DCA). Corps prepare a new show each year, approximately 8–12 minutes in length, and refine it throughout the summer tour.

Do you get paid for DCI?

The money paid for tuition goes to pay for instruments, equipment, uniforms, instruction, and facility rental, as well as transportation, food, and housing during the tour. The corps pays the instructors and teachers and has to pay for housing and practice facilities.

How much does it cost to be in DCI?

The average cost for a performer to be in a World Class corps is approximately $3,900, with approximately $2,400 of that attributed to tuition and fees. The average cost for participation in an Open Class corps is approximately $2,200 with $1,500 of that attributed to tuition and fees.

What is a DCI number?

Your DCI number is your personal identification number at events like Friday Night Magic and D&D Adventurers League.

When did DCI stop using bugles?

Manufacture of horizontal-piston bugles ceased in the 1990s, as most bugles were being sold to DCI drum corps, which legalized two-valved vertical piston instruments in 1977 and three-valved instruments in 1987.

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When was DCI founded?

Drum Corps International (DCI), formed in 1972, is the non-profit governing, oversight and sanctioning body for North American drum and bugle corps, whose members are under 22 years of age. DCI is headquartered in Indianapolis where it maintains a small full-time executive and administrative staff.

What brass instruments are used in DCI?

Within the brass line, there are five different instruments: The trumpet (soprano voice), the mellophone (alto voice), the baritone (tenor/baritone voice), the euphonium (baritone voice), and the contrabass (bass voice).

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