Quick Answer: How To Write Acid Lead Lines Music?


What is an acid line music?

Acid lines were first played on synthesisers which had step sequencers, and due to the technical constraints of the era in which they were created, the first acid lines tended to be up to sixteen notes or rests in length.

What is an acid bassline?

The “ acid house sound” is the noise that comes from an electronic bass synthesiser, the Roland TB-303. In 1982, Roland released a transistorised bassline generator to rival the popular, Fender-designed electric bass guitar. Still, some artists had succeeded in coaxing strong basslines out of the box.

What is a 303 beat?

The TB- 303 was designed by Tadao Kikumoto, who also designed the Roland TR-909 drum machine. It was marketed as a “computerised bass machine” to replace the bass guitar. The TB- 303 has a single oscillator, which produces either a “buzzy” sawtooth wave or a “hollow-sounding” square wave.

What’s another word for acid?

What is another word for acid?

sour tart
acidic vinegary
pungent sharp
acerbic acidulous
biting acrid


Are acids bases?

What are Acids and Bases? An acid is any hydrogen-containing substance that is capable of donating a proton (hydrogen ion) to another substance. A base is a molecule or ion able to accept a hydrogen ion from an acid. Acidic substances are usually identified by their sour taste.

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What is the most dangerous acid?

Hydrofluoric acid (HF): A weak acid, meaning it doesn’t fully dissociate into its ions in water, but it’s probably the most dangerous acid in this list because it’s the one you’re most likely to encounter.

What color is an acid?

Universal indicator

pH range Description Colour
< 3 Strong acid Red
3–6 Weak acid Orange or Yellow
7 Neutral Green
8–11 Weak alkali Blue


What’s acid taste like?

Liquid LSD (often called liquid acid ) has no taste at all. LSD tabs taste like the paper.

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