Quick Answer: Eric Whitacre How To Write Music?


How does Eric Whitacre compose?

Cluster chords Whitacre has become defined by the use of ‘chord clusters’ in his music – chords with a chromatic quality that produce an almost shimmering effect. You can hear them in almost all his choral compositions, including Lux Aurumque, Sleep and A Boy and a Girl.

What music did Eric Whitacre write?

His longform work for choir, cello and piano, The Sacred Veil, is a profound meditation on love, life and loss. It was premiered by the Los Angeles Master Chorale in Walt Disney Concert Hall in 2019, conducted by the composer and will be released on Signum Records in 2020.

How do you write a choir?

Think horizontally, as well as vertically. When we’re composing, we get a bit bound up in chords and harmony, but when you’re writing for choirs, although we hear the sound as a whole, each singer will sing (and learn) their part independently as a line of its own.

What inspired Eric Whitacre?

ERIC WHITACRE’S musical influences range from classical choir to Duran Duran. A Grammy-nominated graduate of the Julliard school, his dreams of becoming a pop star were rerouted by his epiphanic time in a college choir in Las Vegas.

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How many kids does Eric Whitacre have?

Eric Whitacre
Alma mater University of Nevada, Las Vegas Juilliard School
Occupation Composer, conductor, speaker
Spouse(s) Hila Plitmann ​ ​ ( m. 1998; div. 2017)​ Laurence Servaes ​ ( m. 2019)​
Children 1 (with Plitmann) 1 (with Servaes, b. 2020)

Does Eric Whitacre teach?

Mr. B, who teaches at Carlsbad High School, is more than a high school choir teacher.

What makes a piece of choral music good?

You need to consider elements such as vocal range, division of parts, melodic shape and phrase lengths, harmonic complexity and so on. Some of the simplest choral compositions (for example, John Tavener’s The Lamb) can sound hugely impressive when sung by any choir, whatever their ability.

What is called group of singers?

A choir (/ˈkwaɪər/; also known as a chorale or chorus) is a musical ensemble of singers. A body of singers who perform together as a group is called a choir or chorus.

What is TBB in music?

SATB div. (divisi, or divided) denotes that one or more individual parts divide into two or more parts at some point in the piece, often sharing the same staff. A single choir with two of each voice type should be written SSAATTBB, unless it is laid out for two identical choirs, in which case it is SATB/SATB.

How much is Eric Whitacre worth?

Eric Whitacre net worth is estimated to be in the range of $01-05 million. Eric Whitacre Net Worth.

Net Worth $01-05 million
Age 50
Occupation Music Composer, conductor
Nationality American
Education University of Nevada, Las Vegas Juilliard School
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How do I become a singer for Eric Whitacre?

Can I join the Eric Whitacre Singers? The Eric Whitacre Singers are a hand-picked group of professional singers and there is no formal audition process.

What was Eric Whitacre first album called?

Whitacre has released two albums with Decca Records. His first album, titled “Light and Gold”, was released in 2010. The album won a Grammy in 2012 for Best Choral Performance. Whitacre followed “Light and Gold” with “Water Night” in April 2012.

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