Question: Why Did Jj Never Write Any New Cro Mags Music?


What happened to the Cro-Mags?

Harley Flanagan has won control of the Cro – Mags band name. After ages of quarrel, the members of the New York hardcore group the Cro – Mags have reached an agreement over the band name.

Is John Joseph still in the Cro-Mags?

He is currently the vocalist of Bloodclot and Cro – Mags “JM”. John Joseph (singer)

John Joseph
Known for Cro – Mags

Who started the Cro-Mags?

Flanagan has been the sole trademark owner of the group’s name since the early 1990s, the primary songwriter, and only member featured on every album, while Joseph and Jayson continued to tour with other musicians using the Cro – Mags name, against the wishes of Flanagan.

What does Cro Mag mean?

: a hominid of a tall erect race of the Upper Paleolithic known from skeletal remains found chiefly in southern France and classified as the same species (Homo sapiens) as present-day humans.

What religion is John Joseph?

John Joseph of the Cross

Saint John Joseph of the Cross O.F.M.
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Beatified 24 May 1789, Saint Peter’s Basilica, Papal States by Pope Pius VI
Canonized 26 May 1839, Saint Peter’s Basilica, Papal States by Pope Gregory XVI
Feast 5 March

What does John Joseph eat?

A plant-based diet. The 56-year-old will eat a little bit of anything, and cook a little bit of anything on his YouTube channel, as long as there are no animal products involved.

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