Question: How To Write Music For Hang Drum?


Is there sheet music for Handpan?

Sheet Music for Handpans? So with the handpan being only 20 years old, very few have composed anything for it. In fact, most players (and makers) have probably never read sheet music in their lives.

How many notes does a hang drum have?

The top (“Ding”) side has a center ‘ note ‘ hammered into it and seven or eight ‘tone fields’ hammered around the center. Hang (instrument)

Percussion instrument
Hornbostel–Sachs classification 111.24 (Percussion vessels)
Inventor(s) Felix Rohner, Sabina Schärer
Developed 2000


Is Hang drum easy to learn?

Playing a tune on a handpan is easy because of the scale and notation of the instrument. more on that later. The harder part might be mastering a rhythm, although even that does not matter as much as with other instruments. This article is an overview of learning to play.

Why are Hang drums so expensive?

Mostly made to order, a handpan is crafted by highly skilled creators to your own specification. With very few skilled manufacturers in the world, demand is high and supply low. That is why handpans cost so much.

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How much does a hang drum cost?

Quality handpans and Hang ® (i.e. nitrided with stable architecture) cost between $2,000 to $10,000. A good one bought direct from a maker will cost $2,000 to $3,500. Although rare, used top-shelf handpans have sold for as much as $10,000.

What is the difference between a hang drum and a Handpan?

The original makers insist that the title of the instrument be Hang for their brand of hand pan. While the term Hang Drum is commonly used verbally, in writing it is most proper to refer to instruments made by the company Pan Art as simply “ hang ” and all others as “hand pans”.

What is the best hang drum?

Best Handpans and Hang Drums – A Quick Glance

Editor’s Choice Tzevaot Handpan Aeolian scale Rust resilient Includes hard case
Runner Up Meinl Sonic Energy Handpan Handcrafted in Colombia D# major Includes carrying bag
Budget Pick Lark Music Handpan More affordable D minor Includes carrying bag

What is the best key for a tongue drum?

Tongue Hand Pan D Celtic Minor It offers an excellent sound which is maybe even on par with the sound of some quality hang drums. Its D celtic minor key promises a lot of beautiful tones if you prefer that more traditional and spiritual kind of sound.

What is the best Handpan?

The following is our list of the top international handpan makers and manufacturers.

  • PANacea Sonora (Canada – CA.
  • Sibiria Sound Sculptures (Russia – RU)
  • SOMA Sound Sculptures (Switzerland – CH)
  • SPB Pantam (Russia – RU)
  • Tacta Handpans (Brazil – BR)
  • TIFLIS Handpan (Greece – GR)
  • Yishama Pantam (Israel – IL)
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Are panda drums worth it?

THE PANDA DRUM Research has shown that the act of drumming accelerates physical healing and boosts the immune system. Professionals in mental health and music therapy have long known that the rhythmic act of drumming soothe tension, anxiety and stress. In fact, drumming can even help control chronic pain.

How do I choose a hang drum?

To choose you first handpan we recommend contacting a maker and talking with him, to feel in agreement with his philosophy, to try different instruments and to choose the one that you really feel connected to. Going to a handpan gathering is a good way to have the opportunity to try different instruments.

How long does it take to learn Handpan?

During this time, it was not uncommon to wait between one and three years to get a handpan, especially if you had no connection to the handpan world. Today, incredibly, we can find makers of handpans all over the world! The instrument is widely known and far more accessible.

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