Often asked: Where Did Koji Kondo Write Zelda Music?


Where did Koji Kondo study music?

Koji Kondo: I was born in Nagoya. I started studying music at the age of 5, on the electronic keyboard. I went to school at Osaka University of Arts, where I worked towards becoming, in general, some kind of director or producer of artistic work.

Who wrote the music for Zelda?

Koji Kondo is best known for his musical contributions to the video game series, Mario, and The Legend of Zelda series by Nintendo. At the age of five this Japanese born composer, sound designer, and sound director was learning how to play the electronic organ.

What pieces did Koji Kondo write?

In 1986, Kondo wrote the music and sound effects for ‘The Legend of Zelda’, which was second in popularity only to ‘Super Mario’ itself. The first editions of Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda sold over sixty million copies worldwide.

What songs did Koji write?

Production History

  • Punch-Out!! (arcade) (1983) – Sound Composer.
  • Golf (1984) – Sound Effects.
  • Famicom BASIC (1984) – Song Programming.
  • Super Punch-Out!! (arcade) (1984) – Sound Composer.
  • Devil World (1984) – Sound Composer.
  • Soccer (1985) – Sound Composer (as Nick. Kondo )
  • Arm Wrestling (1985) – Sound Composer.
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Does Koji Kondo still work for Nintendo?

Kondo was hired by Nintendo in 1984, becoming the first person hired by them to specialize in musical composition for video games. Koji Kondo.

Koji Kondo 近藤 浩治
Occupation(s) Composer pianist sound designer sound director
Instruments Piano
Years active 1983–present
Associated acts Toru Minegishi Mahito Yokota

What inspired Koji Kondo?

Kōji Kondō’s work shows at least three major influences: Latin music; jazz music; and classical music, mainly ragtime and march music, often with a strong cinematic flair. Latin is particularly evident in his bouncy themes throughout the Super Mario Bros.

Did Koji Kondo compose breath of the wild?

Its mesmeric music was mostly written and performed on a piano, using ambient sounds rather than the melodic and upbeat music in previous Zelda games (courtesy of iconic composer Koji Kondo ) – and Wakai believes this adds authenticity to the various environments in the game.

Who is the most successful and influential film music composer?

With a career spanning over six decades, and with no evidence of slowing down, John Williams is unquestionably one of the most influential, popular, and successful composers of his generation. Williams has composed and conducted more than 100 scores for film and has served as musical director for nearly eighty films.

How many short songs are played on the ocarina over the course of the game?

There are 12 songs in total, but only 5 buttons to play them with. This means that Kondo had to be pretty creative to avoid repetition and make all the music unique. For this, he harnessed the awesome power of the modes. What is a mode?

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What makes Mario catchy?

Composer Koji Kondo had to write the melodies in code and once he figured out that the characters in the game moved in sync with the tempo of the Nintendo’s micro processor, he composed the music around that. Meaning every coin, stomp, jump, mushroom and death bopped to the beat of the song.

Where did Koji Kondo go to college?

Born on August 13th, 1961 in Nagoya, Japan, Koji Kondo began taking lessons for the electric organ at age five. He attended the Osaka University of Arts and learned about musical composition through personal experience by using a combination of a piano and a computer.

Who writes KK Slider songs?

Kazumi Totaka

Kazumi Totaka 戸高一生
Genres Video game music, jazz
Occupation(s) Composer, sound director, voice actor
Instruments Piano, guitar, bass, vibraphone
Years active 1990–present

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