Often asked: Stopthebreaks How To Write Music Pitch?


How do you write a song pitch?

Do’s of pitching songs.

  1. Make sure that your song fits what the artist is looking for VERY closely.
  2. Make sure your song is competitive.
  3. Keep your pitches to a minimum.
  4. Make your presentation business-like.
  5. Start small when pitching songs.
  6. Never send unsolicited CDs or pitches of any type.
  7. Don’t put 20 songs on a CD.

How do you pitch to a music blog?

Make Your site and Social Media Press Friendly

  1. Contact information with an email address.
  2. Bio.
  3. Streamed music or link to hear streamed music on a site like Soundcloud or Spotify.
  4. Links to social media.
  5. Hi resolution publicity photos.
  6. Cover Artwork on the single or album.

How do you email a song pitch?

Be short, sweet, and direct. Saying something vague like “Listen to our song and tell us what you think” might get you feedback, but it won’t automatically get you considered for Spotify’s “Cool Tracks” playlist. Always ask for what you want.

Where can I pitch a song?

10 Places to Pitch Your Songs, Music or Skills

  • Check out YouTube, ReverbNation, Soundcloud etc.
  • Go to open mics to find great singers who don’t write their own songs.
  • Music libraries like Crucial Music.com or MusicSupervisor.com for sync.
  • Sites with sync and other pitch opportunities like Taxi, Broadjam and MusicOpps.
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What is the pitch of a song?

Pitch, in music, position of a single sound in the complete range of sound. Sounds are higher or lower in pitch according to the frequency of vibration of the sound waves producing them.

Is Spotify Jedi real?

Spotify Jedi is on the AVOID list of Unders’ fake Spotify services and music industry scams. For this reason, Spotify Jedi is not recommended to be a legitimate source of growing Spotify streams and monthly listeners.

How early should I submit my song to Spotify?

You’ve gotta submit at LEAST seven days in advance of the song’s release; but the more lead-time you give Spotify, the better. It can also take them an additional day or two on the front end to process the music once CD Baby delivers it to them.

How does Spotify determine pitch?

Check your “ Spotify About” tab intermittently: Spotify will publicly show you (and anyone viewing your page) the most recent playlists you’ve been featured on. Checking this intermittently or after you’ve seen a large spike in plays might give you a clue as to where your music has been placed.

How do you approach a music blog?

5 Strategies to Get Your Music Featured on Blogs

  1. Research content creators. If you want your music featured on Stereogum or Pitchfork, research the writers who cover your genre of music.
  2. Send exclusives.
  3. Don’t mention competitors.
  4. Have a clear call-to-action.
  5. Be brief, creative, and professional.

How do you pitch?

12 Easy Steps to a Perfect Pitch

  1. Get to the point fast. It’s a known fact that attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.
  2. Don’t use too many slides.
  3. Establish the need.
  4. Use a message map.
  5. Use a multilevel structure to your pitch.
  6. State who your competition is.
  7. Include a sound bite.
  8. Introduce the team.
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How do you promote unreleased music?

To get the most out of your promotion efforts, put a list together of everyone you want to pitch your new music to long before your release date. This can be radio hosts, blogs, magazines, playlist curators, or even other bands that you’d like to cross- promote with. Give yourself a few months to start the process.

How do you email a publisher song?

Keep it short and sweet. Briefly tell them who you are, what you do, and what it is you’re looking for. Think about it: these publishing companies receive hundreds of emails every day. Don’t write a 10-page essay; five to six sentences should be plenty.

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