Often asked: How To Write Music Like U2?


Does U2 write their own music?

U2 are all credited as songwriters – Bono (Paul Hewson) is the primary lyric writer, Edge (Dave Evans) is primary song- writer. All 4 participate in the song building usually starting with lyrics and a riff and they build from there. Yes! Bono wrote the majority of their songs and music.

Is Coldplay similar to U2?

Seven out of ten times, Coldplay sounds almost exactly like U2 —the U2 that exists now, not the wiry, feral U2 of 1980 (which would be a decent idea). U2 has not broken up.

What are the top 10 tips for writing a song?

Great songwriters use these ten practical tips when composing new music and lyrics.

  1. Compose a catchy melody.
  2. Use all types of chords.
  3. Create a memorable rhythm.
  4. Build your song around a riff.
  5. Write a song you can play live.
  6. Step away from your instrument to write.
  7. Get ambitious with song structure.

How much is U2 worth?

U2 is one of the most popular rock bands in the world, and its members have an estimated net worth of $1.8 billion.

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What is U2 biggest hit?

U2’s 40 greatest songs – ranked!

  • The Unforgettable Fire (1984)
  • I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (1987)
  • All I Want Is You (1988)
  • Sunday Bloody Sunday (1983)
  • With Or Without You (1987)
  • Mysterious Ways (1991)
  • One (1991)
  • Where the Streets Have No Name (1987)

Why is U2 hated?

According to a webpage helpfully titled “Why U2 Sucks,” the litany of reasons runs the gamut of “they are pretentious” to “they are derivative” and “they just plain suck.” The Guardian theorizes, however, that we hate U2 because we hate Bono, while the New York Observer thinks they’re the Guy Fieri of music, which one

What makes U2 so good?

U2 has been very, very good for decades. U2 has a passion for being popular (the band has worked at it, hard, over many decades). The type of music U2 plays is intellectually, emotionally and politically engaging. U2 has surrounded itself with very high quality support personnel (e.g. Paul McGuiness).

Who is bigger Coldplay or U2?

U2 performs during the band’s “Experience + Innocence” tour at The Forum in Inglewood, California, May 16, 2018. British band Coldplay finished second on the Forbes list with $115.5 million, mostly from its “A Head Full Of Dreams” tour.

Why do all Coldplay songs sound the same?

It’s just that the rhythm seems to stand out more than anything else. Of course, this is not true for all bands. But bands which have persisted longer than, say, 10 years tend to have a signature sound. As a result, all Coldplay songs tend to ” sound” the same.

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Is Coldplay good or bad?

Coldplay are so good as they sing for the masses and they have so many evergreen positive messages in their music. They rely very a lot on simplicity, great choruses and great riffs that it’s hard to get out from your head. Also, the frontman of the band, Chris Martin seems to have got it all.

What is the most recognized song ever?

Grierson deemed to be the most iconic:

  • ” Smells Like Teen Spirit,”” Nirvana.
  • ” Imagine,”” John Lennon.
  • ” One,”” U2.
  • ” Billie Jean,”” Michael Jackson.
  • ” Bohemian Rhapsody,”” Queen.
  • ” Hey Jude,” The Beatles.
  • ” Like A Rolling Stone,” Bob Dylan.
  • ” I Can’t Get No Satisfaction,” Rolling Stones.

Who is the richest songwriter in the world?

The richest songwriter in the world is Paul McCartney with a net worth of $1.2 billion.

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