Often asked: How To Write Music From Megaman 2?


Who wrote the music for Mega Man 2?

Mega Man 2 is the bestselling Mega Man game, with more than 1.5 million copies sold.

Mega Man 2
Artist(s) Yasuaki Kishimoto Naoya Tomita Keiji Inafune Akira Kitamura
Composer (s) Takashi Tateishi
Series Mega Man


Why is Mega Man music so good?

The greatness of the original Mega man games’ music comes from really catchy melodies implemented really well in the simple range of sounds capable of being produced on the NES.

What is the password for Mega Man 2?


Effect Password
Have Metal Blade and 2 E-Tank A3, D4, C5, E4, B1, E2, B2, D1, C2
Have Quick Boomerang and 1 E-Tank A2, D3, C4, E3, E5, E1, E2, B5, C1
Have Quick Boomerang and 2 E-Tank A3, D4, C5, E4, B1, E2, E3, C1, C2
Heat Man with 4 tanks A5, E1, D2, B1, B3, C1, E5, D3, C4


What is Crashman’s weakness?

Crash Man is one of the six bosses from the “Mega Man 1~2” course. He attacks by throwing a single Crash Bomb, but sometimes he will jump and throw four bombs on the floor, their explosion covering a large area from the floor. His weakness is the Rolling Cutter.

What music genre is Mega Man?

There are few recent standbys — they’ve been playing “Princes of the Universe” a lot on this tour — and the new song they debuted at PAX for an encore, but mostly they’ll stick with their signature work: a gritty post-apocalyptic rock opera about Mega Man.

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