Often asked: How To Write Kawaii Future Music?


What chords are used in kawaii future bass?

Kawaii Future Bass Chords While Kawaii is a spin off to the downright Future Bass genre it still relies on the same type of chords. If you are familiar with standard Future Bass that means we are working with 7:th chords with added flavours like 9, 11, 13 etc. The bigger chords, the juicier futuristic bass outcome.

What is kawaii bass?

Kawaii future bass (also known simply as kawaii bass ) is a subgenre of future bass, known for its happy and cute timbre and strong Japanese pop culture influences.

How do you write future bass?

12 Tips for writing Future Bass Chords & Melodies

  1. Know what emotion you’re trying to capture.
  2. Make the progression more interesting.
  3. Mix and match in Session View.
  4. Fold the keys.
  5. Start from one note.
  6. Make a lot of instruments for your melodies before writing.
  7. Chop up an acapella.
  8. Use MIDI packs and change them up.

What BPM is kawaii future bass?

Kawaii Future Bass is amoodysong byDeluxxwith a tempo of150 BPM.It can also be used half-time at75 BPM or double-time at300 BPM.

Is Marshmello future bass?

‘ Marshmallow Future Bass ‘ is an epic library inspired by the most famous Future /Trap tunes and producers out there. Drums, Serum presets, Construction Kits and much more awaits you right here. Only the finest Future Bass sounds & vibes. 400MB and 290+ sounds is what the Big EDM team have prepared for you this time.

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Has dubstep died?

The prevailing opinion among many so-called “experts” over recent years is that dubstep is a dying genre. Dubstep is alive and thriving.

Who is the king of future bass?

Though Flume would go on to become the reigning king of future bass, the original version of this 2013 single is actually an electro-house track. It’s the remix by New York producer Branchez, with its slow-rolling beats and skittering synths, that’s become one of the defining anthems of future bass.

How do I find my future bass?

Future bass will typically have elements of conventional bass music such as dubstep without a strict adherence to form. Expect to hear different bass sounds from wobbles to Reese basses, tied together in a novel fashion.

What does future bass sound like?

A still-codifying genre, future bass takes the ecstatic drops of dubstep or trap, but provides a warm bounce rather than a lumbering bruteness. Basslines are provided by harsh, detuned synths that buzz and purr instead of gulp and whomp.

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