How To Write Your Own Tin Whistle Music?


How many notes are in a tin whistle?

The standard range of the tin whistle is two octaves including notes from D above middle C to the 4th D above middle C. In order to go one note higher, you’ll have to lift one finger.

What are the notes on a tin whistle?

Whistles are available in all the major keys. The most common, a D whistle, can play in the keys of D and G major. The second most common, a C whistle, can play in the keys of C and F major. The lowest note of a penny whistle, with all the fingers covered, is called the tonic – on a D whistle the tonic is D.

Is the tin whistle hard to learn?

The whistle is an easy instrument to learn, but there are challenges involved, which may limit what you can do, depending on experience and knowledge. There always seems to be more to learn, if you’re willing to learn it, just like a lot of things.

What key of tin whistle should I get?

We sell tin whistles in the keys of C and D as these are the most popular keys, and complement the greatest variety of music. A D whistle is ideal for beginners and children as the finger holes are closer together than a C whistle which makes them easier to play.

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Can a tin whistle be out of tune?

If you are playing outside, or in a large space that’s difficult to change the temperature (like an auditorium) or are just picking up whistle after not playing for a minute or two, you may experience cold whistle syndrome, which leads to your tin whistle sounding flat. Your tin whistle will be generally out of tune.

Is tin whistle easier than recorder?

Tin Whistles and Recorders are both fipple flutes but are not the same instrument. The average tin whistle also typically has a softer sound than your average recorder.

Is a penny whistle the same as a tin whistle?

The Tin whistle is also called a penny whistle or feadóg stain. It is a well known and regularly used instrument in traditional Irish music. It is a simple six-holed, wood-wind instrument, and remains in the same category as the flageolet, recorder, Native American flute, and other woodwind instruments.

How much does a tin whistle cost?

Defects in the Mouthpiece: Beginner tin whistles can cost anywhere from $8 to $50. Some of these are manufactured, and therefore there can be some tiny defects in the mouthpiece just from the forming of the plastic.

How do you heat up a tin whistle?

If you feel like your tin whistle is out of tune when you start playing, you are probably right! Fortunately, this is very, very easy to fix. Simply warm up your whistle! To do this, simply cover the ramp (to protect the innocent’s ears) and blow through the whistle for a few seconds–it doesn’t take long.

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