How To Write Neo Soul Music?


What is neo soul chord?

Neo Soul Chords: 1-5-4 Chord Progression in Minor (Note: This is the E Natural Minor Scale and it shares the same exact notes with the G major scale. See relative major/minor.) The numbers, “1-5-4” simply come from the scale. E is 1, F# is 2, G is 3, A is 4, B is 5, C is 6, D is 7.

What kind of chords are used in neo soul?

The major seventh chord is predominately found in jazz and Neo – soul music. It’s overall a very upbeat and smooth sounding chord, which pairs wonderfully with a minor 7th and finds its way into modern pop and R&B frequently.

How do you compose soul music?

How to produce a soul track from scratch – in 10 easy steps

  1. Figure out what genre to work with.
  2. Choose a tempo.
  3. Loops are a good place to start.
  4. Build up the percussion.
  5. Work out some sort of melody or hook.
  6. Add some creative effects.
  7. Record your own sounds.
  8. Start getting things arranged.

What makes a song neo soul?

Neo soul (sometimes called progressive soul ) is a genre of popular music. Heavily based in soul music, neo soul is distinguished by a less conventional sound than its contemporary R&B counterpart, with incorporated elements ranging from funk, jazz fusion, hip hop, and African music to pop, rock, and electronic music.

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What key are most neo soul songs in?

There are many keys that are different but share the majority of notes e.g. Bb Major key and C Major. F major and C Major are also similar. Therefore borrowing chords from similar (but different keys ) will often give you that Neo Soul feeling.

What is an E minor 7?

E minor 7 ( Em7 ) is a beautiful chord composed of the notes E, G, B, and D. The combination of the minor key (G is the flat 3rd of the major scale) and the 7th interval (D) give it a rich, interesting sound.

What scale is soul music?

Major, Minor and blues. Same scales as in all kinds of popular music. Having said that, one common scale in gospel music (and therefore in early soul ) is the major pentatonic.

What is neo soul piano?

It’s a hip genre of popular music known for its soulful feel and moody, lush chord progressions on guitar and piano.

What chords are used in R&B?

Listening to thousands of Soul / R&B / Neo Soul tracks I can clearly hear that the E flat, B/Bb and F major keys are the most commonly used. The key for E flat is Eb, F, G, Ab, Bb, C and D. This is very easy on the fingers had has a very soulful and jazzy feel to it.

Is making music good for the soul?

Music is good for the soul – maybe that’s why new research shows it can also be healing. A study published in the journal Music and Medicine featured a successful project that used music therapy with palliative (or hospice) care. Music soothed the soul during one of the most deeply soulful and spiritual points in life.

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