How To Write A Music Contract?


What is a standard music contract?

Typically, the initial length of a recording contract is one year. This one year term is generally followed by several option periods, where the record label is free to renew your contract for additional time periods if they like the work you’re producing.

How do I write a contract for an artist?


  1. A loose description of the project. Use this description to list what aspects of the work are agreed upon in advance, such as size, colours, materials, etc.
  2. Payment terms.
  3. Deadlines.
  4. Framing.
  5. Delivery of the work.
  6. Installation of the work.
  7. Copyright.

How do you negotiate a music contract?

Knowing the key areas to negotiate can continue to protect your interests throughout your music career.

  1. Agree on Obligations.
  2. Duration of the Record Contract.
  3. Agree on Royalties.
  4. Set Termination Clauses.
  5. Discuss Any Limitations for the Artist.
  6. Other Aspects to Consider When Negotiating a Record Contract.

What is a songwriter agreement?

TERM SONGWRITER AGREEMENTS. A term songwriter agreement is just like a record deal except that, instead of making records, you agree to give the publisher all the songs you write during the term.

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What happens when you sign a music contract?

In this deal, the label would be part of the artist development, recording, pressing, distribution, and marketing. And in most cases, the label would pay the artist an advance. Once the advance is paid off, artists commonly receive a royalty rate of up to 15% of revenue generated.

What is the biggest record deal?

A few acts, such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, R.E.M., U2, and Janet Jackson, among others, have signed multimillion-dollar deals. Whitney Houston signed a $100 million deal with BMG to deliver just six albums, the largest recording deal at the time. Robbie Williams signed an £80m (US$125m) contract with EMI.

What should be in an artist contract?

A contract should state each party’s obligations/responsibilities, the scope of work, and the agreement as to compensation. It does not have to be written in legalise unless you are spelling out terms for a complicated project. The contract should include all the agreements you have with the other party.

How do I get a freelance contract?

There are ten parts that make -up a freelance contract.

  1. Names, contact information, and dates. The full names of both parties should appear at the beginning, and also throughout, any contract.
  2. Your role.
  3. Payment information.
  4. Deadlines.
  5. Ownership.
  6. Confidential information.
  7. Independent contractor terms.
  8. Limitation of liability.

What are commissions for artists?

In art, a commission is the act of requesting the creation of a piece, often on behalf of another. Artwork may be commissioned by private individuals, by the government, or businesses. Commissions often resemble endorsement or sponsorship.

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Do record labels own your music?

When a record label licenses your music, they essentially purchase the rights to an album from you – and manufacture, promote and distribute it. They’ll pay you a set fee and act as your label for that album in the territory – or area that they licenced the album in.

What’s a good record deal?

Your expected outcome should be varied based on the type of label you’re dealing with. With majors, royalty rates of 20-25% on physical and 25-35% on digital are common. With indies, even larger ones (such as Armada, Spinnin, Monstercat), digital rates of 40-50% and physical rates of 20-30% are fair.

What is a good record deal?

A label who believes in you is the exact backing that could lead to long term success. But something I have always believed and it has held true in practice is the key to a good first deal with a record label is long term flexibility and long stop provisions. Labels will kill you with option periods.

What are the 3 main kinds of music publishing agreements?

The 3 main types of music publishing agreements are:

  • Publishing Administration Agreement.
  • Co- Publishing Agreement.
  • Buy-Out Agreement or a “Full” Publishing Agreement.

How do you sign as a songwriter?

How To Get A Songwriting Staff Writing Deal

  1. Get to know music publishers organically.
  2. Co-write with signed writers.
  3. Do your homework.
  4. Use everything you do well to your advantage.
  5. Write great songs.

How long does a music publishing contract last?

Under the exclusive agreement, the songwriter agrees to assign all compositions written during a specified term (for example, 2 years from January 1 or 1 year with four options), with the guarantee of a share of the income generated and usually a proviso for weekly or monthly payments.

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