FAQ: Who Does Stevie Wonder Write His Own Music?


Who writes Stevie Wonder songs?

Sylvia Moy, Motown songwriter who wrote hits for Stevie Wonder, dies at 78. Sylvia Moy in 1963. Sylvia Moy, a prolific Motown songwriter who is credited with energizing Stevie Wonder’s career with a string of early hits, has died at the age of 78.

Did Stevie Wonder write zoom?

Speaking by Zoom from his Southern California home, Wonder said he began writing one of the songs, the fluid “Where Is Our Love Song,” when he was 18 in 1968. He recently unearthed it and completed it with new lyrics, with the newly cut track featuring Gary Clark Jr.

What song did Stevie Wonder write for Diana Ross?

4. Blame It On The Sun: While she waited for Stevie Wonder to write her a song, Diana recorded this chestnut, a heartbreak ballad written by Wonder and his then-wife Syreeta Wright which first showed up on Wonder’s seminal 1972 LP Talking Book.

Did Michael Jackson write his own songs?

Michael Jackson did indeed write his own music, but not like any ordinary musician. While performers such as Stevie Wonder or Prince are instrumental geniuses, MJ did not play any instrument particularly well, though he was able to play a little bit of a variety of musical instruments such as drums, piano and guitar.

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How much is Stevie Wonder worth?

Stevie Wonder Net Worth: Stevie Wonder is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer who has a net worth of $110 million dollars.

Is Stevie Wonder still working?

Stevland Hardaway Morris (born May 13, 1950), known professionally as Stevie Wonder, is an American singer, songwriter, musician and record producer.

Stevie Wonder
Occupation Singer songwriter musician record producer
Years active 1961–present


Did Stevie Wonder write any of his songs?

Stevie Wonder has penned countless hits for himself – ‘Isn’t She Lovely’, ‘Superstition’, ‘Sir Duke’ – the list goes on and on, AND ON! But throughout his career, he also wrote for many other artists including The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Dionne Warwick and Diana Ross, to name just a few.

Is Stevie Wonder still singing?

Stevie Wonder has released some new music — with a new twist. Wonder, who signed with Motown Records as an 11-year-old, announced Tuesday he has formed his own label, with two new singles to be distributed by Republic Records — home to hot pop stars such as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Post Malone.

Who all did R Kelly wrote songs for?


Song Artist Writer(s)
“As I Look Into My Life” R. Kelly Robert Kelly
“At Your Best (You Are Love)” Aaliyah Ernie Isley Marvin Isley O’ Kelly Isley, Jr. Ronald Isley Chris Jasper
“Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby” R. Kelly Robert Kelly
“Back & Forth” Aaliyah Robert Kelly


What is Stevie Wonder’s real name?

Stevie Wonder, original name Steveland Judkins or Steveland Morris, (born May 13, 1950, Saginaw, Michigan, U.S.), American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, a child prodigy who developed into one of the most creative musical figures of the late 20th century.

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What movie is the song as by Stevie Wonder in?

The original Stevie Wonder version was featured in The Best Man Holiday’s predecessor The Best Man in a more lighthearted scene.

Who performed with George Michael on the 1999 hit single as?

On 5th December 1998 a 1 hour Parkinson special was screened on BBC 1 to universal critical and public acclaim. On 8th March 1999, George Michael released “As” a duet with R&B Diva Mary J Blige, written and originally released by Stevie Wonder on his “ Songs in the Key Of Life” album.

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