FAQ: What Music Did Joe Cocker Write?


Did Joe Cocker write any of his own songs?

He was also one of the few pure vocalists that actually did write some of his best (if not his biggest) songs, but could put his songwriting ego on hold when he saw a higher calling within someone else’s material.

Did Joe Cocker play the piano?

Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker OBE
Genres Rock, blues, soul, pop
Occupation(s) Singer
Instruments Vocals harmonica piano
Years active 1961–2014

What were Joe Cocker’s biggest hits?

Top 10 Joe Cocker Songs

  • ‘When the Night Comes’
  • ‘She Came in Through the Bathroom Window’
  • ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’
  • ‘You Are So Beautiful’
  • ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’
  • ‘The Letter’
  • ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’
  • ‘Feelin’ Alright’ From: ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’ (1968)

What else did Joe Cocker sing?

Singer Joe Cocker, best known for his cover of The Beatles’ With A Little Help From My Friends, has died aged 70. The Sheffield-born singer had a career lasting more than 40 years, with hits including You Are So Beautiful and Up Where We Belong.

What is Joe Cocker worth?

How much is Joe Cocker Worth? Joe Cocker Net Worth: Joe Cocker was an English rock and blues singer who had a net worth of $60 million. Joe Cocker was born May 20, 1944 in Sheffield, West Riding of Yorkshire, England.

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Why did Joe Cocker shake?

Many assumed he must have been either stoned, or crazy. Actually, it was just his way of feeling the music. A singer, he didn’t have an instrument to play while on stage. In an interview with The Guardian, he explained, “I guess that came with my frustration at never having played piano or guitar.

Who was the Delta Lady?

The ” Delta Lady ” is Rita Coolidge, who was born in Tennessee and moved to Memphis in 1967, where she met Russell.

Did Joe Cocker sing Cry Me a River?

Cocker also successfully remade Arthur Hamilton’s “ Cry Me a River,” a 1953 torch song originally composed for Ella Fitzgerald to sing in Pete Kelly’s Blues, the Jack Webb film in which Peggy Lee portrayed an alcoholic jazz singer – a role she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

Did Joe Cocker ever marry?

Joe Cocker married Pam Baker in 1987, whom he had first met in Santa Barbara, California in 1978.

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