FAQ: Orlande De Lassus What Music Did He Write?


When did Orlando di Lasso die?

Orlando di Lasso, Latin Orlandus Lassus, also called Roland De Lassus, (born 1530/32, Mons, Spanish Hainaut—died June 14, 1594, Munich), Flemish composer whose music stands at the apex of the Franco-Netherlandish style that dominated European music of the Renaissance.

What did Orlando di Lasso do?

One of the most prolific, versatile, and universal composers of the late Renaissance, Orlando di Lasso wrote over 2000 works in all Latin, French, Italian and German vocal genres known in his time. These include 530 motets, 175 Italian madrigals and villanellas, 150 French chansons, and 90 German lieder.

What was Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina known for?

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (c. 1525–2 February 1594) was an Italian Renaissance composer of sacred music and the best- known 16th-century representative of the Roman School of musical composition.

What is William Byrd known for?

William Byrd, (born 1539/40, London, England—died July 4, 1623, Stondon Massey, Essex, England), English organist and composer of the Shakespearean age who is best known for his development of the English madrigal. He also wrote virginal and organ music that elevated the English keyboard style.

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