FAQ: How To Write Marching Tenor Music?


What is the highest female voice?

Common Opera voice types

  • Soprano. For females, the highest voice type is the soprano.
  • Mezzo-soprano. The mezzo-soprano has a lower range than the soprano.
  • Contralto or Alto. The contralto or alto is the lowest female voice and the darkest in timbre.
  • Tenor.
  • Countertenor.
  • Baritone.
  • Bass.

What’s the lowest male voice?

Vocal range

Voice Description Famous examples
Alto (contralto) A high male or low female voice Janet Baker, Kathleen Ferrier
Tenor A high male voice Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Jeff Buckley
Baritone A medium male voice Bryn Terfel, Elvis Presley
Bass The lowest male voice Willard White, Paul Robeson, Barry White


What is another name for a tenor drum?

Other names for these drums include names specific to configurations by number of drums: “duos” (2 drums ), “tris”, “trios”, “trips”, or “triples” (3 drums ), “quads” (4 drums ), “quints” (5 drums ), and “squints,” “hexes,” “six-packs,” ” tenors ” or “sextets” (6 drums ).

How does tenor drum work?

Tenor drum, cylindrical drum larger and deeper toned than the closely related snare drum and lacking snares. It is usually about 18 inches (45 cm) in diameter and 14 inches (35 cm) in height and is normally beaten with two soft-headed sticks. The heads are tensioned by rope lacings or metal rods.

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How does a tenor drum produce sound?

Striking the head of the drum changes its shape and compresses the air inside the shell. The compressed air presses on the bottom head and changes its shape. Then, these changes are transmitted to the drum shell and reflected back, and this action is repeated, creating a vibration.

What should a marching snare sound like?

The bottom head should sound resonant and bright. If it is choked off the head is probably off center and needs to be reseated, or you aren’t in the C#5 or D5 range. On the bottom, I tend to tune to the pitch of the head and not individual lugs (probably to the point of some contention amongst other snare tuners).

Do you need to read music to play drums?

Can you learn to play the drums without reading music? Sure. In fact, there are many self taught drummers that do quite nicely by themselves. If you want to get the best out of your drumming adventure in a more realistic timescale, then learning to read music will help you achieve this.

How do drummers know what to play?

Listening takes practice. Listening is a skill and the most important part of communication in a relationship. It’s just a musical relationship that necessitates effective communication. When you become more comfortable on the drum set, you should consciously start listening to the other players in the room.

Why are drums called toms?

Native american ceremonial drums were referred to as tom toms because of the sound they produced. that name stuck for non-snare drums. In the early 20th century imported drums from China without snares were called China Toms. Originally part of the trap set they began being mounted on bass drums early in the century.

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