FAQ: How To Write Flexatone Music?


What’s a Flexatone?

: a small percussion instrument consisting of a tapered blade of flexible metal mounted in a wire frame which when the frame is shaken is struck alternately by two balls attached at the end of springy metal strips on either side of the sheet and whose pitch can be changed by thumb pressure on the blade.

Who invented the Flexatone?

The invention of the flexatone is recorded in the British Patent Office records of 1922 and 1923. The original Flex-a-tone was manufactured and patented by the Playertone Company in New York in 1924.

What is the metal triangle instrument called?

The triangle is an idiophone type of musical instrument in the percussion family. It is a bar of metal, usually steel but sometimes other metals such as beryllium copper, bent into a triangle shape. Triangle (musical instrument )

Classification Hand percussion, idiophone
Hornbostel–Sachs classification 111.211 Individual percussion sticks


What instrument makes a ding sound?

The flexatone or fleximetal is a modern percussion instrument (an indirectly struck idiophone) consisting of a small flexible metal sheet suspended in a wire frame ending in a handle.

Do flamenco dancers use castanets?

Castanets are commonly used in the flamenco dance. In fact, Spanish folk dance “Sevillanas” is the style typically performed using castanet. Escuela bolera, a balletic dance form, is also accompanied by castanets.

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How much are Otamatones?

Otamatones sell for around $26 on Amazon, and they come in standard colors like white, blue, or black.

What does a Waterphone sound like?

Waterphone —–It is the instrument that creates creepy sound, the sound which often occurs in horror movie and music. The Waterphone is a unique, hand-crafted, water-filled musical instrument that creates hauntingly ethereal sounds reminiscent of humpback whale calls or the eerie, sci-fi sounds produced by a theremin.

Is a dulcimer?

Dulcimer, stringed musical instrument, a version of the psaltery in which the strings are beaten with small hammers rather than plucked. Dulcimers probably entered central Europe from Persia about the 15th century.

How do you play thunder sheets?

The thunder sheet needs to be “warmed up” before the actual sound is desired to be heard. The player (s) will need to start slowly shaking the sheet a few seconds before quickly shaking the sheet.

How many types of musical instruments are there?

There are mainly 4 types of musical instruments: Stringed musical instruments. Wind musical instruments. Plate type musical instruments.

Instrument Name Parts which Produces Sound
Piano Stretched string
Sitar Stretched string
Flute Air Column
Shehnai Air Column


What is the sound of the triangle?

Although the triangle is among the smallest of orchestral instruments, it has a very clear, tinkling sound that cuts through even very loud music. The triangle does not have a distinct pitch; its tone quality varies according to where, and how hard, you strike it.

What instrument is used in a steady beat of a song?

Percussion instruments are sometimes called the heartbeat of a musical group. The percussion players create a rhythm so all the musicians can follow the beat together.

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Can you tune a triangle?

The truth is that anyone can play the triangle. It is one of the most basic musical instruments. You hit a triangle -shaped piece of metal with another piece of metal, and “Ding!” No worries about hitting a wrong note or playing out of tune.

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