FAQ: How To Write Epic Theme Music?


How do you write epic music?

Epic Music Composition Guidelines

  1. Bold Sounds. Epic music is mainly about power and authority.
  2. Heavy Accents. Rhythm and drive is always important for energy and action in music.
  3. Hybrid Workflow.
  4. Build the Energy.
  5. Huge Contrasts.
  6. Energetic Transitions.
  7. Pulse for Drive.
  8. Layering for Power.

How do you write epic in fantasy music?

How to write Fantasy Music (7 Tips)

  1. Slow Tempo for a Peaceful Mood.
  2. Pleasing Harmonies (Low Tension)
  3. Soothing Vibe (No Piercing Sounds)
  4. Airy Instruments (Woodwinds, Pads)
  5. Long Notes (Legato and Dynamic Expression)
  6. Deep Space (Reverb and Air between Notes)
  7. Low Contrast (Minimal Rhythm and Accents)

How do you write an epic battle song?

In fact, battle music will almost always be heavily focused on strong and powerful percussion. I recommend layering a lot of percussion parts, but still keep the main accents very focused. Also make sure that other rhythmic parts compliment the percussion mix, for examples ostinatos, stabs, chugging guitars etc.

How do you compose dramatic music?

The Drama Continues… Five More Tips For Creating Dramatic Moments In Your Songs

  1. Use audio effects. Audio effects are processes which modify your sound in interesting ways.
  2. Twist the lyrical style.
  3. Percussive hit.
  4. Use unexpected chords.
  5. Break the pattern.
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What makes epic music?

Epic! It seems to be music that evokes a definite mood, involves multiple tracks or instruments, and has elements of classical music. It’s a fluid definition and may change over time. Think of how “rhythm and blues” or “country” music has changed.

What instruments are used in fantasy music?

Timpani, kettle drums taikos etc. Cymbals would work well and maybe gongs. You could definitely make use of drone notes, hurdy gurdy, hardanger violin like stuff. Bowed guitars would probably get you there too if you have a guitar and bow.

What is a music battle?

Battle of the Bands is a music contest and music competition in which two or more bands compete for the title of “best band”. The winner is determined by a voice vote of the audience or the band who brings the most people to support them. Traditionally, battles of bands are held at live music events and forums.

How do you write a music action?

How to write Action Music

  1. Rhythm means Action. The more you focus on rhythm in your overall composition, the more “ action feel” you will get.
  2. Percussion is King. When it comes to rhythm, percussion instruments and sounds is king.
  3. Contrast is Power.
  4. Augment your Accents.
  5. Use the Power of Silence.

What does cinematic music mean?

Cinematic music, original music written specifically to accompany a film. Cinematic storytelling, a story told primarily through the use of visual media.

How do you make a song heroic?

Key features of a heroic melody

  1. Strong rhythmic identity.
  2. Use of rising 5th interval.
  3. Mainly ascending pitch.
  4. Simple, with some repetition.

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