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Noisepad is starting to take shape and becomes more and more a live-set / studio sequencer with all features and functions you can wish for.

A few months ago Noisepad already released a new version with AudioBus support, enabling users to combine Noisepad with other Audiobus compatible apps for endless creative possibilities.
The latest version has MIDI support, so now you can hook it up with most MIDI compatible devices (in/out).

Use the clock sync feature for studio, live-set or production purposes.
Use other MIDI compatible devices to trigger the endless sample banks Noisepad has to offer.
Make Noisepad the master or slave in your live-set performance. Control up to 10 Soundbanks of 12 samples each or receive the activity of the samples through MIDI.

Noisepad is now an official studio, live-set and music production asset for every artist / performer.

New MIDI Features:

MIDI notes in/out:
Trigger Noisepad sounds from other apps or MIDI devices and receive note on/off info.

MIDI clock in/out:
Noisepad follows the tempo or dictates the tempo to play sync with other apps or MIDI devices.
Send transport commands Start/Stop to (and from) external devices.

MIDI learn:
Easily alter the “note” of each tap pad.
Button / Soundbanks modes:
Control Noisepad & receive on/off messages for the tap pads of the current soundbank (0-11) or of the first 10 soundbanks (0-119)

Other new Features:
- New Appstore icon (isn’t it a gem)!!
- Sample accuracy, the sequencer has even more precision
- iPhone 5 support

A division of MediaGROE B.V.
Website: www.noise-pad.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/noisepad
Twitter: www.twitter.com/noisepad
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/noisepad
Email: info@noise-pad.com


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