Do you like acoustic samples? We added a NEW soundpack to the Noisepad shop, consisting of 48 one-hit guitar sounds.

  • Full chords
  • Single notes
  • Double stops
  • and Harmonics

all tuned in C for instant mix ‘n’ match pleasure.

It could be yours for only $ 0.99!


New 8bit soundpack with drum samples, square wave, triangular wave, everything you need to build a retro sounding track. Get it for free from the in-app Noisepad shop. Enjoy!


Another track created by High Tech Orchestra. Percussion percussion! What do you think?



We received this track from High Tech Orchestra, he created it using Noisepad.

Pretty sweet yes?




Dubstep, Drum & Bass & Hardcore samples by Bong-Ra – Finest in Noise since 1996, available through the in-app Noisepad shop.